Welcome to my website!

My name is Noémi Szűcs, I am a Theta Healing consultant and intuitive painter. I’ve been interested in the spiritual side of life since a very young age (since I was cca. 12 years old).
I have read spiritual and psychological books, I was curious about people’s behavior, emotional state and the reasons behind them. Seeing the problems of others as well as my own I have become more and more drawn to self-help books and methods. In my twenties I tried and used several techniques. For me, Theta Healing was the most effective method.

My life has completely changed thanks to the treatments: I’ve become more conscious, I let go of a lot of inner blocks, negative mental and emotional patterns which prevented me from living my life to the fullest. And this change is still in progress… I’ve learned and practiced this method, so now I have a broad experience with it which allows me to support others in their way of self-realization.

I know that the possibility of this intense development which I experienced is available for you as well!


As I started working with Theta Healing on a more advanced level, I felt the desire to create, paint something for my own enjoyment. We have experimented with finger-painting with a good friend of mine, which served as a great inspiration for me. This led me to try painting by myself—and that’s how I started discovering the world of colors and the process of creating.
I’ve been dreaming and creating my paintings since September, 2016 and I’ve felt from the beginning that it means a lot more to me than a simple hobby. Soon I received signs in my life which showed me that this is the path I should take. I still think that it was not my decision – painting itself chose me.
Colors always had a great effect on me and they are very important in the way I express myself. I enjoy their beauty and love combining them in several areas of my life such as in painting and clothing. This is reflected in the intense color composition of my paintings. I prefer working with natural materials so I paint on wooden boards instead of canvas. The texture and pattern of wood often inspires me and I use it as a decorative element when creating an image.

Theta Healing and art intertwined in my creative process even during my “budding artist” phase. To my greatest surprise I often “received” the images in meditative, theta state (I could see them in my mind’s eye for a moment). There was no question: they came to me so that I could paint them. I often realized only in hindsight why I had to create these paintings, and what they represent for me. Now this is a consciously applied method in my creative process. I make special, individual pictures for order by intuitive connection, using colors and symbols which support the customer.

As you may see, I am not concerned with depicting the visible side of reality. For me, painting is more a kind of therapy, a process of creation and channeling the supportive energies from the non-physical plane to the three dimensional world. Therefore my pictures are permeated by a desire to connect to and experience the divine; to heal, to create. I hope that my paintings transmit energies which – like some kind of code – can help you to open yourself to a “more true and real reality”.

I would like to make the connection of art and self-healing accessible to others. You can order custom, individual paintings from me, you can buy prints of my current artworks and in addition I initiated the “intuitive painting in pairs project” (read more about it here ). I’m planning to organize creative workshops and groups in the future as well.

I’m convinced that art, the experience of creation is not exclusive for the small minority of people considered as “talented” in the conventional sense. We can all enjoy the endless possibilities offered by the rich world of colors and shapes.

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